We know what your business did last summer

Profiling isn’t solely for B2C companies. There, I said it. Yes you over there who works in B2B, you can use profiling too. 

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One business will be a customer if they buy from another business, it’s just that they’re an organisation and not a person. So how can you profile businesses?

There’s so many criteria you can choose from and this depends on your needs – do you want employees to find out credit ratings before doing business? Or do you want to do a targeted campaign and pick the size, profitability and type of the business?

Business Profiling APIs are pretty nifty little tools which can quickly retrieve a plethora of information and they plug straight into the CRM. These tools are excellent for gaining a large insight into businesses, such as:

  • Company name
  • Company number
  • Company type and status
  • Incorporation date
  • Registered address
  • SIC code and description
  • Credit rating and limit
  • Trading addresses
  • Directors
  • Industry

And many more!

Some plugins can be quite slow and take around 20 seconds to retrieve information, however faster ones do exist (try a demo!).

What benefits does having a full view of a potential business customer bring?

  • Incoming sales leads can be prioritised
  • The increased amount of information in CRM also allows for detailed reporting, providing marketers with greater insight upon which they can make more strategic decisions.
  • Knowledge that captured data will be accurate
  • Instantly and accurately identify dissolved companies so no time or money is spent contacting them.
  • Key data provides the ability to segment and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Business profiling. Allowing B2B companies target their marketing and so much more. They bring good data quality too – we actually did an interview about data, you can read about it here.

I’ll just sign off with a video showing you how it’s done.

DataQualityReport (002)

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