Author: Victoria Wilson

I work for Data8 as a Marketing Executive and thoroughly enjoy writing blogs! I've recently graduated from the DMA Future Writers course having also gained the IDM Award in Social Copywriting. Prior to Data8, I worked in marketing for a property company straight after graduating from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Psychology. Outside of work, I love snowboarding and horse riding, as well as shopping and exploring Chester, especially the pancake cafe!

I’ve got 99 problems and they’re two for one

What’s worse than one problem? Two problems of course. This could go on – 3 problems, 4 – maybe even or 6. This is applicable to every problem in life. More problems = more misery.

So, with what’s less of a problem and more of a panic-inducing eye opener to many people (I’m talking about GDPR) – many companies are turning their attention to their data quality in their CRM system prior to new legislation becoming enforced.  read more >>>

Why consent should be on your mind right now

The GDPR sets a rather high standard for consent and places more control in an individual’s hands. In fact, if you missed our webinar – you can download a recording here. For now, here’s a brief overview on consent and why it’s so important to have it in the run up to the GDPR.  read more >>>