Musings from MWL 17

Just like that and Marketing Week Live is over for another year. But what an event it was.

We met so many great people and companies and admired so many ideas and creative marketing strategies and plans! Plus, we will be announcing who the winner of our lovely hamper is in the next few days!

So what were our musings from MWL2017?


I have to say, many marketers had heard of the GDPR and for whatever reason, the thought had had been pushed to the side. People and passers by were reminded of the importance of taking note and making the appropriate changes in time for the next year and our useful quick reference handout guide proved extremely popular! The ICO has provided a handy 12 step guide to help companies prepare for the regulation and ensure they will be compliant when the regulation comes in.


Personalisation, personalisation, personalisation

Léa Mendes previously spoke about it in her interview with us – personalisation. This will always be important, there’s no doubt about it. However, it’s far from just having someones name at the top of an email now, it’s about tailoring the content of the email to promote products that the customer has proven to be interested, or might be interested in. How do marketers find this information out? Data. Good old data. Data in trends to make predictions, or data on buying habits or even profiles of companies if you’re in B2B – the more information you have, the more successful you will be if you use it well.

It’s not just in communications – data can be used to recapture lost customers – ads on the side of their web browsers or when they scroll down their facebook feeds. These are all created based on previous browsing or shopping cart data. In fact, 70% of shoppers are more likely to convert when retargeted after cart abandonment.

I was impressed at the creativity behind a lot of the marketing ideas. Not just artistic creativity (though I must say, it was superb) but the technical creativity – super targeted campaigns, dynamic content in emails, complicated nurture campaigns and so much more. These companies showcased their creativity with awesome stand designs and activities and I certainly felt proud to be a marketer among these marketers.


Data the dark horse

I was also reminded of how I felt about data before I first started at Data8. I had the impression that data was alright for communications and that’s about it. Just alright. Within my first two days I fully understood why good quality data was imperative for effective communications and tried to convey this to people at Marketing Week Live in the short space of time you have to converse with them. I think that’s one of my main musings – marketers know that data is important but they underestimate the importance of good quality data. It’s a sort of, an almost-there-but-not-quite understanding.

Safe to say though that the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all of our team and it was a pleasure to meet everyone who came to our stand and whose stands we stopped  by at.

Until next year!


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