Data8 Partner Showcase at Summit in Phoenix, with live data8 duplicare™ demo


In addition to exhibiting at Summit, Booth, Data8 are proud to be presenting our partner Showcase in Phoenix on October 16, at 2:30pm.

CCPS12: Duplicate Data: Detect and Merge Like a Pro! Live Demo of duplicare™ Presented by Data8

Data8 has over a decade of data quality experience and have put all our knowledge into duplicare™. See Mark Carrington and Matt Beard demonstrate their solution that helps you find existing duplicates with rules that are impossible out of the box, prevent future duplicates appearing, handle multiple duplicates in one go and even standardise your telephone number and addresses with an entirely code-free approach. Includes customer case study from CRMUG organizers, Dynamic Communities! by guest speaker and CRM Administrator Ashley Steiner.

Full program details are available here.

Why not drop in on Data8 at booth 1522 for a  live demo of data8 duplicare

62% of UK retailers are already planning for Black Friday, yet 69% of all eCommerce visitors abandon their shopping cart

Black Friday

New research published by Acceleration Partners shows that 62% of UK retailers are already planning ahead for Black Friday. November 23rd may seem a long time away, but Black Friday is becoming one of the biggest days in the retail world and this research finds that three fifths of UK retailers are already planning for it.

Acceleration Partners surveyed 416 online retailers about this annual event. When asked why they are preparing well ahead, 56% said that they wanted to have the best offering on the market, and to ensure that they have plenty of time to market these offers (44%).

Of those who have taken part in Black Friday previously, 92% saw an increase in the number of visitors to their website, and a further 71% saw an increase in sales.

“Once an American tradition, Black Friday has really taken off in the UK over the past few years, particularly in online retail and forward planning is essential to maximise return from the event,” commented Sophie Parry-Billings, EMEA marketing manager at Acceleration Partners.

Is all this preparation being wasted?

Other research, this time from the Baymard Institute, shows that 69% of all eCommerce visitors abandon their shopping cart. While the research identified a number of reasons why online shoppers may abandon their cart, the third most common cause of abandonment (28%) was a “too long / complicated checkout process”.

Enhancing the User Experience

Incorporating Data8’s validation services such as address, phone and bank validation, can help to enhance the user experience, reduce cart abandonment and maximise the return: on Black Friday and every other day.

Whilst preparing for Black Friday, it would also be good to look to clean up your database or CRM. Data8 cleansing services could help increase the effectiveness of your advance marketing including reducing duplicates, screening for TPS and appending new information.

10% of the population of France may have Googled “GDPR” in May!


Now Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad GDPR?

Back in December, I wrote a blog post about how Google Analytics keyword searches for the term “GDPR“, variants, and local language equivalents, could be used as an indicator of the relative interests that countries have in GDPR in the two years from November 2017 to October 2017. (more…)

Who’s afraid of the big bad GDPR?

Whilst created primarily as a tool to help users to select keywords for their Google Adwords campaigns, the rather wonderful Google Adwords Keyword Planner[1] allows you to enter a subject keyword or phrase and find out what related keywords, are being searched for, and the average number of searches per month for each.  (more…)