Christmas Is Here!

Well it is for the marketer.

Now is the time the flurry of activity happens to ensure that customers receive personalised and timely messages about products and services in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas is here

So how do you maximise the potential of your Christmas Mailer? Like preparation for the big day itself it takes a little planning.

Most importantly you need to ensure your data is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, without quality data you’ll be wasting your marketing budget. The average percentage of data decay is 10% per year. This means that of the data you are mailing ten percent is deceased, moved, or it has been captured incorrectly. For example if you mail 50,000 prospects and customers you are in effect only marketing to 45,000 customers. You can drastically improve your Return on Investment by cleansing the data and only targeting those who are there. The cost of cleansing your data is far outweighed by the cost of sending items that are not going to be read.

Using the same example of a 50,000 mailing, if the price was 50p per packet the cost to you for not reaching your customers is £2,500.00. Using data cleansing could save you over 50% of that cost by identifying and removing poor data such as deceased records that if you mailed could also be detrimental to your brand’s reputation.

To find out how much you could save, upload your campaign data for free and receive a Data Quality Report. As well as giving you an instant infographic showing your data and the costs of putting it right, we can identify people who have moved, so you can get back in touch just before Christmas.


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