PART 2: Enhancing UX: Minimise Costly Cart Abandonment

The checkout process is vitally important, for both the customer and the retailer. Will the sale go through or will it be abandoned? Too often it is abandoned, and it’s a costly problem.


UK shoppers abandoned over £1bn of online transactions in 2011 according to research by econsultancy.

We wish we had a magic wand which to make cart abandonment disappear. But we can’t. Cart abandonment is an inevitable part of today’s ecommerce culture. People are prone to abandon checkouts for a number of reasons out of our control, but there are things we can control:

This chart reveals some of the things which deter customers from completing their purchase: 


Hidden charges are clearly off putting for customers, as are security concerns. The chart also shows that issues of usability contribute to cart abandonment:

•    The checkout process being too long

•    Technical issues with the site

•    Difficulty in filling in forms

I relate to these findings, I don’t like hidden charges, but I’m also an impatient person and don’t appreciate a slow checkout process. When I’m buying online I want to race through the checkout as fast as possible, and I want my product as soon as possible. If the process is too clunky, I know I’ve abandoned my purchase.

So what can be done to make the process quicker and easier?

Nifty data validation tools can make a big difference to the time spent in the checkout and in particular, filling in forms.

Address validation reduces data capture time by 90%. See our case studies: Faulks & Cox and Ellis Brigham who’ve improved the customer experience with Address Validation .

Address validation makes filling in forms much quicker and easier, minimising negative feelings and the likelihood the customer will flit off to another site for a better experience.




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