Author: Emmy Lippold

Emmy leads marketing at Data8, including brand awareness, demand generation, and public relations. She has more than 10 years of B2B and B2C experience in marketing, sales and public relations. Prior to joining Data8, Emmy held leadership roles in global companies in the technology, financial and retail sectors including Upland Software, Empire Today and Advantax Ltd. She has also managed her own consulting company where she had the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurial firms and non-profit organisations helping grow them through marketing and business management efforts. Emmy holds a BSc in Marketing and Business Management and is currently pursuing an MSc in Global Marketing from University of Liverpool. Hobbies: Emmy enjoys travelling, experiencing new cultures and foods. What Emmy likes about working in Data8: “I enjoy the company culture at Data8 and especially the people that I work with. The team here is focused on the success of their customers and each other, which makes it a great environment to be in.”

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