Nobody Likes Being Abandoned

Shopping cart abandonment is a problem that is only too common for many eCommerce websites but it’s also easy to reduce abandonment rates and encourage customers to continue the checkout journey to the end of their purchase.

Broken shopping cart in the nature

There are many ways to nurture customers and encourage them to complete their transaction, making it as stress free and painless as possible. We’re going to give you a walk through as to why shopping cart abandonment occurs, how to approach customers who have abandoned and tips on how to stop this happening in the first place.

 Why does shopping cart abandonment take place?

  • Cheaper price from a competitor – online shoppers tend to shop around for what they are looking for and if a competitor is offering a cheaper price then this is one of the top factors.
  • Do it later syndrome – sometimes customers will abandon your checkout with the intention of coming back later to finish their purchase, unfortunately this doesn’t always happen.
  • Complicated forms and registration process – many online retailers are now offering a ‘guest checkout’ to make it as easy and quick as possible for customers to make their purchase. If customers spend too long filling in forms or registering for an account, this can also deter them from proceeding with a purchase.
  • Limited payment and shipping options – although many retailers are now offering next day delivery at no additional cost, customers are more likely to abandon the cart if they don’t have flexible shipping and payment options
  • Mobile friendly websites – eCommerce customers are mostly shopping online because they simply don’t have the time to go into a store. With this in mind, customers are now also more likely to shop from their smartphones or tablets because it’s ‘easy’. Another way to decrease shopping cart abandonment is to ensure that your website is mobile friendly or better yet, develop an app.

002Bring customers back:

If a customer has abandoned your checkout and you have no contact details for them at all it can be almost impossible to encourage them (or ensure you have encouraged that specific customer) back to make their purchase. One way to combat this would be to obtain some details from them before proceeding further along the checkout process. Ensure that an email address or telephone number is collected but also make sure it is valid so you don’t waste your marketing efforts. Data8’s real-time Email Validation and Telephone Validation services can help with this.

Stop abandonment in the first place:

In order to reduce potential shopping cart abandonment as much as possible then you should ensure that your eCommerce site is user friendly and is simple to navigate through with no complicated forms to fill in that are unnecessary. Statistics prove that the more fields on your checkout page, the less likely a customer is to buy. Another way that Data8 can help with this is by using Predictive Address Validation to reduce five or six address fields down to just one.


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