Customer experience

Trick or Treating With Great ROI

I’m at the awkward stage in life where I’m certainly too old to go trick or treating with my friends but I’m not quite old (or responsible) enough to have children of my own to take. So instead, I’ve realised there’s many similarities between trick or treating and marketing.

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Pokemon Go: Gotta Catch All The Data

Who hasn’t heard of Pokémon Go? It’s the augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm, earning £1.1m per day since it was launched last week. Players venture out into the real world to capture mysterious beasts by physically visiting locations where they think Pokémon may be hiding. read more >>>

Postcode Lookup Enhances Data Quality

We have all become used to entering in just our postcode and then selecting our address to have it populated as our delivery address on retail websites. With the advent of predictive address we can even now just enter our house number and start typing our street for autocompletion of our full address. Yet even the most indulgent shopaholics don’t enter their addresses into websites more than a couple of times per day. read more >>>

Reflections On Marketing Week Live 2016

I’ve spent some time over the last week reflecting on all I saw and heard whilst at Marketing Week Live 2016. Mainly to ensure that I’m following best practices and on top of current trends within marketing. I thought I’d share my thoughts, so here it is… MWL16 according to Alice! read more >>>

How Consumers Shop On Mobiles

Smartphones have changed the way consumers behave and so it is important that retailers understand how to maximise the likelihood of a purchase by appreciating the users experience. This is illustrated in a topical piece in Marketing Week. read more >>>