The Top Three Data Strategies to Consider In 2016

Data management, data governance, data processes or whatever you may call it could be daunting for marketers, there are many pressures and challenges. But there’s no need to feel anything but excited anticipation. Fulfilling ambition and smashing targets is within your reach.

Marketing high tech background

I want to draw your attention to some data strategies which will have a significant and immediate impact on your 2016 marketing campaigns. From reducing costs to increasing engagement and enabling personalisation, data is at the epicentre of success or failure.

  1. Use data capture and validation for new data

Ensuring data quality can be done from the offset. From the moment data is captured there are opportunities not only to ensure the incoming data is clean and accurate, but to enrich data by gaining more information than you ask for in your lead form.

Wth a B2B Lead Capture tool you can capture additional data without pestering your customer with lots of questions. It’s a quick and unobtrusive way to gain valuable insight. The lead capture tool means you can have shorter forms, you can segment data, expand your reach, and have better analytics and reporting.

Our blog on B2B lead capture can tell you more. B2B lead capture is an API that sits behind your own lead generation forms that will add firmographic data into your CRM system or database. Try the demo to see what data you can obtain.

  1. Monitor your existing data

To deliver impacting marketing campaigns, you must continually invest in your existing data’s quality. For a precise understanding of your data you need a tool which analyses your data and pinpoints the problems within it. You can measure the quality of your data using a Data Quality Report. This press release details the uses and benefits of the Data Quality Report.

Once you know where there are inaccuracies in your data, you know which data cleansing tools you need to get your data up to standard.

  1. Organise and use your data

When your data is spread out in different systems, isn’t planning and executing a targeted marketing strategy a headache?

Disconnected data gives you a fragmented view of your customers; you could be missing important marketing opportunities. Merging all sources together to create a single source of information (SCV) provides the data you need, in one place. Read our whitepaper, Let’s talk about the Holy Grail of Marketing: The Single Customer View, to see the difference the SCV makes.

So as you face 2016 and its challenges and opportunities, don’t be daunted about bettering your data quality and management systems; there are data solutions available for greater marketing efficiency and success.

If you would like to speak to a specialist about any aspect of data quality, data management, data validation or data supply you can find our contact details here

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