Capturing Leads All Day, Every Day

Just like people have been capturing Pokemon recently, Data8 has been helping people to capture leads. Not in Pokeballs though unfortunately. 

catching-leadsUsing the B2B Lead Capture tool, extensive business information can be swiftly captured and stored in CRM from either a company registration number or business email at point of capture. The service is efficient, useful and simple to use meaning marketing and sales strategy can really be enhanced.”

This cool tool has the key to over 35 fields of information about a company – for example contact details, trading address, financial information, business size and industry. There are of course many more fields and a plethora of information. Right at your fingertips. Oooh the power.

So far, we have a valuable tool that has vast benefits for marketers. Key business data means targeted marketing campaigns. Targeted marketed campaigns just shout success. It also contributes to UX because the customer won’t be bombarded with an overly long lead form requesting lots of information, yet at the same time the company will receive more than enough information to create a detailed user profile. Actually, the tool speeds up the registration process for prospects, reducing keystrokes by up to 85% and it also avoids manual errors, keeping your database clean and accurate!

“The new tool is of tremendous value to businesses seeking to be more sophisticated in capturing and utilising business data. The application is critical in enhancing sleek data driven systems which benefit both the prospect and the business.” Jeremy Walker- Head of Data Validation

The world of data is dynamic and forever changing so any application that helps to ensure that all data is accurate and up to date is welcome in our books. The regular updates ensure that all the information behind the scenes doesn’t go out of date to keep your CRM all shiny and clean.

Our Lead Capture application is available to demo, or if you’re sure you want a piece of the magic, please contact us!


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