Ecommerce heaven with Contact Form 7

We all love an easy life. Why make things more difficult for yourself when life already throws enough at you?

ecommerceWell the same goes for eCommerce extensions.Seamless integration with no need for redesign, the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin will make your life that whole lot more blissful. It enhances the user experience when filling in their details with PredictiveAddress and hi-tech email validation and telephone number validation ensures you get correct details to use when communicating with customers.

Contact Form 7 is an octopus, it can cleverly manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customise the form and the mail content flexibly with simple mark-up. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering etc. Mind bogglingly awesome.

Using the contact form, you can verify international addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers as they are entered into your Contact Form 7 forms. The advanced fuzzy matching and support from official data sources such as USPS and Royal Mail ensure you can rely on the data being entered.

But I thought WordPress was for blogging?

WordPress is great for blogging, but over the years it has developed from a humble publishing platform to the world’s most powerful CMS. Did you know that 26% of all websites are powered by WordPress?

WordPress for eCommerce is easy to integrate with an existing blog or website. There’s no requirement to re-design an entire website if you need to suddenly set up an online store – you just install the eCommerce plugin and Bob’s your uncle. WordPress flawlessly integrates all of your eCommerce fundamentals with one another. So this results in your store having the same design, look and feel as other parts of your website.

Some WordPress Stats just for you:

When was WordPress founded? May 2003

Percentage of all website that use WordPress: 26%

Number of people who view WordPress blogs monthly: 409 million

So as you can see, Contact Form 7 is not just a meagre plugin that isn’t worth shouting about. It’s huge and improves user experience with fast, natural address entry. Not only easily integrated, but quick to set up. Also, just to make it even more awesome, the extension is free of charge – you only pay for the credits you use for our validation services.

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