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Postcode Lookup Enhances Data Quality

We have all become used to entering in just our postcode and then selecting our address to have it populated as our delivery address on retail websites. With the advent of predictive address we can even now just enter our house number and start typing our street for autocompletion of our full address. Yet even the most indulgent shopaholics don’t enter their addresses into websites more than a couple of times per day. read more >>>

Smart Tools For Managing Data Quality At Point Of Capture

Many people think that maintaining data quality is easy; in reality it’s very easy to get wrong. In fast moving businesses where data is constantly being added externally, created internally and imported, it’s important to remember that quality data is a significant asset, and it needs protecting. read more >>>

Predictive Address™ – The Newest Addition To Data Validation Services

Having spent a good percentage of your budget getting people onto your ecommerce site or into your shop there is nothing more annoying than obtaining incorrect delivery details. Getting correct address information in real-time at point of capture means you’ll get deliveries right first time. read more >>>

How To Optimise Your Customer Journey

The recent economic downturn has led to online shoppers becoming much savvier and more demanding. They have greater expectations for their customer experience. Every interaction with the business shapes the customer’s relationship with the brand, and so every detail of the customer journey must be as positive as possible. read more >>>