Data analytics

The automotive industry is driving data analytics

It’s interesting to see that the amount of companies using data is increasing. It’s also pretty cool to see some of the new innovative ways that companies are doing so, especially with data analytics playing a big role in achieving new levels of success.

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Companies are under-achieving in data management

According to a new report from SAS, more than 66% of data management leaders believe they have an effective data management strategy. Furthermore, they believe they are approaching data cleansing and analytics in the right way. The report goes on to says that approximately 10% of companies it classes as ‘laggards’, also believe the same thing.  read more >>>

Reflections On Marketing Week Live 2016

I’ve spent some time over the last week reflecting on all I saw and heard whilst at Marketing Week Live 2016. Mainly to ensure that I’m following best practices and on top of current trends within marketing. I thought I’d share my thoughts, so here it is… MWL16 according to Alice! read more >>>