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Santa’s making his list, he’ll be checking it twice if he doesn’t cleanse his database

It was that one Christmas, we all remember it.

We didn’t get the present we wanted. It wasn’t just a bit wrong, it was so totally NOT what we had written on our little lists that we couldn’t comprehend where Santa has rustled this alien present idea from. Yes, it would have been something that we could have liked last year maybe, but we were so much older and more mature now that there’s no way we could take that present to school and show it off.  read more >>>

Companies are under-achieving in data management

According to a new report from SAS, more than 66% of data management leaders believe they have an effective data management strategy. Furthermore, they believe they are approaching data cleansing and analytics in the right way. The report goes on to says that approximately 10% of companies it classes as ‘laggards’, also believe the same thing.  read more >>>

Part 2 -Data Strategy for Commercial Success In The Sport’s World

Our previous blog looked at the issue of disconnected data for Sports Organisations. For commercial success, it’s necessary to have accurate data, and to have it all in one place, to provide a reliable understanding of every aspect of the organisation. Having all data in one place is central to data strategy which gets results. But what does a data strategy look like? read more >>>