Part 2 -Data Strategy for Commercial Success In The Sport’s World

Our previous blog looked at the issue of disconnected data for Sports Organisations. For commercial success, it’s necessary to have accurate data, and to have it all in one place, to provide a reliable understanding of every aspect of the organisation. Having all data in one place is central to data strategy which gets results. But what does a data strategy look like? read more >>>

Reflections On Marketing Week Live 2016

I’ve spent some time over the last week reflecting on all I saw and heard whilst at Marketing Week Live 2016. Mainly to ensure that I’m following best practices and on top of current trends within marketing. I thought I’d share my thoughts, so here it is… MWL16 according to Alice! read more >>>

Data Protection And The Brexit

23rd June 2016 promises to be a historic day for the United Kingdom. Whichever way you choose to vote in the EU referendum, either to remain a member or leave, the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not likely to be affected, the DMA has explained. read more >>>