New features added to data8 duplicare™

New features added to data8 duplicare™

NEW features requested by our clients have been added to Data8’s flagship database de-duplication product – data8 duplicare™. These include the ability to easily batch de-duplicate yesterday’s new leads and being able to flag known non-duplicates. data8 duplicare™ is also fully compliant with Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 9.1

No-one wants to get several copies of a mailing or email

Research by DataIQ and Royal Mail Data Services[i], says that 61% of marketers say that they are struggling with duplicates; an increase of 11% on the previous survey from two years earlier.  Not only are duplicates wasteful and expensive, they often annoy the recipient, causing reputational damage to the enterprise. data8 duplicare prevents this.

It is an automated de-duplication tool for Microsoft Dynamic 365 (CRM). It offers the ability to merge multiple records with all fields, and customisable bulk de-duplicating of existing records; all within Dynamic 365. In addition, data8 duplicare provides advanced duplicate prevention when data is being entered.

The data8 duplicare dashboard provides a powerful tool for both CRM and sales professionals within the enterprise to monitor where and when duplicates are being created, and by whom!

De-duplicate yesterday’s new leads

For many enterprises, the addition of new records to their CRM comes from the user entering the information on a website. Whilst reducing the administrative burden on CRM users, all of the effort put into training them not to create duplicates is lost if the customer forgets, or doesn’t realise, that he has already registered and is re-registering and creating a duplicate.

Many organisations spend large amounts of time and resource trying to manually de-duplicate their CRM. With the new functionality in data8 duplicare, it is possible to de-duplicate a defined sub-set of records, such as yesterday’s new leads, against the rest of the database. This can be incorporated into the user defined merge rules and so be implemented automatically using the scheduling facility.

Identify known non-duplicates

When data8 duplicare flags up two John Smiths it might well mean duplicates. However, there may equally be two different John Smiths, and therefore the records should not be merged. Whilst this issue could be resolved by developing ever more complex identification algorithms, often a simple answer works better.

Now it is possible to flag potential records as not being duplicates and thus excluded from subsequent auto-merging.

Information on updates for data8 duplicare can be found here

data8 duplicare is available to download from the Microsoft Appsource



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