Data8 and the UCI

The Unified Client Interface, (also known as the Unified Interface, UCI, Unified User Interface, or … ) is the next big step forward for how users interact with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It provides a big step forward in terms of usability, performance and device compatibility.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out a quick overview of the top 20 new features by Scott Durow!

We are regularly asked about the compatibility of our various Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions with UCI, so here’s a quick run-down of our own:

data8 duplicare™

Compatibility Status: Fully Compatible

This solution provides advanced duplicate detection and multi-record merging capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365, cleaning up your database, improving your user experience and ensuring you can trust the reports you generate from your data.

Add service to your Dynamics 365 online instance

Email & Telephone Validation

Compatibility Status: Fully Compatible

This solution adds our advanced email address and telephone number validation services into Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensuring that the contact details you enter are valid and helps you correct them if not.

Add service to your Dynamcs 365 online instance

data8 provenance

Compatibility Status: Fully Compatible

This solution implements GDPR consent management and the right to erasure in Microsoft Dynamics 365, helping with your GDPR compliance.

Add service to your Dynamics 365 online instance

TPS Checking

Compatibility Status: Fully Compatible

This solution checks if your telephone numbers are registered on the TPS service and indicates which you can call and which you can’t; essential for compliance with legislation.

Company Information

Compatibility Status: In Development This solution enhances your account or lead records with detailed financial information giving you all the information you need to make credit decisions, as well as segmentation information such as SIC codes and company hierarchy information to help sales people to make contact with the correct organisation.


Compatibility Status: Not Compatible

This solution enhances the user experience and data accuracy when entering a new address by proving the user with auto-complete suggestions for addresses as they type.

Because the autocomplete API is not available in UCI and the replacement Custom Controls Framework has not yet been released, this solution is not yet available for UCI. As soon as the Custom Controls Framework has been released, this solution will be updated as soon as possible.
Add service to your Dynamics 365 online instance

Use the links above to add the solutions to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online instance, or contact us to get the solution files for on-premise installations.

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