Advanced validation tools for your Salesforce implementation

Data8 provides a range of advanced validation tools to enhance your users experience and to drive engagement with Salesforce.

data8 predictive address™

Complete and accurate addresses from the minimum of keystrokes

Start typing the address and the available options will be shown as an auto-complete drop down list. When the correct address appears simply select it.

This significantly reduces the number of keystrokes the operator is required to enter, and makes the process faster. This is especially important when using mobiles or tablets.

New Val 3AV1

The user starts typing and with every keystroke the number of possible addresses reduces until the correct address is shown. When selected it is formatted correctly with all of the information in the correct fields within Salesforce.

This ensures consistency and is important in reducing the incidence of duplicates.

data8 telephone validation™

Check the validity of landline and mobile numbers in real time

Some systems use rule-based checking. (E.g. does a mobile number start with 07 and have the correct number of digits). With data8 telephone validation, UK Landline and mobile telephone numbers are automatically checked that they can be called and/or receive SMS, using the real time network, and formatted correctly, irrespective of how it has been entered. International landline numbers an be validated structurally.

New Val 3PV1

On entry the number is formatted and checked for validity. In the example above an incorrect number is entered and the cross on a red background is displayed. When the correct number is entered a tick on a green background is shown.

Check if the number is registered with TPS or CTPS

Existing numbers, and numbers at point of entry, are also screened against the Telephone Preference service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) to ensure that the number is not on one of these registers.

Screening for TPS occurs on existing numbers because checking must be carried out at least every 28 days since anyone can register at any time. Failure to do so may result in a GDPR (calling) or PECR (SMS) breach, and could lead to a very large fine.

New Val 3TV1

If the number entered is registered with TPS, this is indicated with a red telephone icon.

data8 email validation

Confirm email validity at point of capture

Data8 specialise in email address validation and cleansing. The service is an international solution that is backed by a scalable infrastructure that allows us to identify invalid and valid email addresses.

New Val 3EV1

Email with invalid characters cannot be saved

Most traditional methods of validating email addresses only check that it looks like an email address, i.e. has a ‘@’ in the middle with some valid characters on either side.

New Val 3EV2

Email with incorrect domain is checked and shown to be invalid 

Our real time email verification solution goes much further:

  • Checks that the email domain exists and can accept messages.
  • Checks that the domain will accept messages for the individual mailbox.

SF Classic EV3

Detects that the domain name is not live

data8 business insight™

Capture credit scores and other financial information in real time

This tool allows you add company information into Salesforce to help you understand and manage your clients better, to assess risk and allow immediate decisions to be made.

For example, if you enter 100 leads a day, they can be prioritised on the basis of company stability, opportunity size, SIC code or geography.

This information can be derived from just a company name and/or post code.

SF Classic BI 1

Identification of a company in Salesforce from a name or post code

Address and geolocation information is provided.

3BI 2

Full, correctly formatted address details and geolocation information.

A strong visual indication of credit rating is provided via a “traffic-light” style visual as well as a recommended credit limit can all be obtained immediately

3BI 3

Rapid indication of credit rating and credit limit

Clicking on the company name shows more detailed information about the company,  such as

  • Company number
  • Incorporation date
  • Type of company (PLC, limited, privately owned etc.)
  • Actual or estimated number of employees
  • SIC Code & description
  • Actual or estimated turnover
  • Accounts filing dates
  • Information on CCJ’s and Writs
  • Director names
  • Share information
  • Group structural information

A knowledge of the full group structure allows you to ensure you are dealing with the correct unit, or to identify further business opportunities.

Clicking on an underlined entity in the group pulls up further financial information on that unit.

SF Classic BI 3

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