Welcome to the Client Services Team!

As a growing business, maintaining and supporting our existing clients is key. In 2017, we made the decision to introduce our Client Services team to proactively support all our existing customers and introduce a new on-boarding process. Why? To ensure that our customers have good account management support and always have access to an office-based contact when they need it.


How many times have you tried to contact your Account Manager in a business and had the challenge of not being able to get them on the phone as they are attending an external meeting?

You have a problem that can’t be resolved and other contacts within your supplier don’t have a great understanding of your requirements so can provide little if any support! It is a common problem we did not want our clients to experience at Data8, so Client Services was born.

Our Client Services team are the hub for all other touch points within our business.  From our business development teams to our technical and development departments, right through to our finance team.  We believe that clients should have the personal experience of an account manager who fully understands their client needs who is there to provide support and guidance whenever it is needed. As part of our onboarding process, we allocate a dedicated account manager within our client services team, who works with your business development manager to walk our clients through their journey.

Client Services Team
Welcome to the Client Services Team

The process starts from your first order where your Client Services account manager sits with your Business Development Manager to understand your client requirements fully. We then make contact to ensure everything has gone to plan and that our clients are happy with their experience.  We then explain all the additional elements on our online portal to ensure our clients are fully aware of all the key features and information that they have access to ensuring that they obtain maximum benefit from our data validation services. If the dedicated Account Manager is on holiday or unavailable, the support process continues with another member of the team who will be trained on the requirements and can be contacted via our dedicated Client Service email address or by phone.

Placing an order at data8 is just the beginning of what we make an enjoyable business partnership

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