Three men went to Phoenix

It’s been a few weeks since a number of Data8 folks made their trip across the pond from Chester, UK to Phoenix, Arizona (and the luggage making a slightly longer trip thanks to the airlines but that’s another story…) and in those weeks it’s been good to digest and reflect on a week away in which we showed 100s of people what we do, chatted and networked with 100s more and also learned lots whilst doing it.

Welcome to Summit 2018

The thing I personally enjoy about these events is getting the chance to speak to people and seeing how they do things differently – businesses and users will regularly get the same problems and each will solve it their own way. Each of these ways can be viable and work perfectly and it shows how versatile the platform itself can be.

Data quality is our bread and butter at data8, it is also a problem that almost everyone within the User Group world faces regularly so it’s always a hot topic for discussion – I personally sat in at least 3 separate User Group sessions where the focus was data quality – and it’s really invaluable to learn first hand about the trials and tribulations that people are facing.

Being event sponsors, we spent a lot of the downtime between sessions at our booth in the expo hall. During that time, we spoke with lots of people about their data quality problems and showed what we can do to assist – including but not limited to using data8 duplicare to handle and manage your duplicates, real-time email and telephone validation, predictive address lookup and also helping you with your GDPR compliance.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth and we hope you managed to nab a button, a sticker and maybe even a screen cleaner or two!

data8 very own pinups Antony, Mark & Matt getting ready for the CRMUG event.

We took the time to give our own presentation this time and gave a Partner Showcase to a packed room who wanted to talk about duplicates and see what we could do for them. I’d love to have had the time to thank each attendee in person for attending but sadly, time is always short so I’d like to take the time here to thank everyone.

data8 partner showcase event

We got feedback from CRMUG earlier this week and had some incredible comments from people who really understand and share the same vision we do at data8 and that’s humbling to know the hundreds of hours we put into work each year isn’t in vain.

Being around 6,000 miles from home, I decided to make the most of the time and tried to attend as many sessions as I could. I mentioned earlier that I’d sat in a few data quality sessions and that’s really because data quality is a particular interest for me and not even because I work for Data8.

I also sat in a number of fantastic talks from a developer perspective and in summary as an attendee, I definitely would say I got value in the cost of my ticket.

Just looking at my notepad on my desk I can see how much I’ve taken away from Phoenix:

  • All sorts of tips and tricks I can use as a CRM administrator
  • A much better knowledge of both the Power Platform and Flow and how integral they are going to be in the not too distant future
  • How to increase user adoptions (or at least, attempt to…)
  • What I need to look out for and update as a CRM developer

That’s just my first few pages of notes – I have over 20 pages of notes to digest and learn from.

The General Session was a particular highlight for me, hearing about the CRMUG and User Group Summit as a whole and just understanding the true scale of the event. Having Microsoft on stage being asked questions from the audience was a really nice touch and does make you realise that Microsoft isn’t unapproachable and are really listening to their user base (although let’s not mention which immature person put “Hi Mom” on the big screen and managed to get it the #1 ranked spot, that most definitely wasn’t me…)

Hi Mom!
Keynote theatre

On a non-Dynamics 365 note, we had one day to ourselves at the end of our trip and took the chance to drive for a few hours and visit the beautiful area of Sedona. Safe to say, if you’re ever in a position to make the trip to Sedona, do it – it’s a beautiful place.

Stunning view of Sedona on our road trip
Sedona River

And you can’t go to America without catching a game of American Football!

Getting ready to watch the Arizona Cardinals!

Can’t wait for CRMUG 2019 and everything that the Florida show will have to offer!

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