April duplicare™ update

April duplicare™ update

By Mark Carrington

You asked and we delivered! We’ve just delivered our latest update to data8 duplicare™, our premier data deduplication and merge product for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365.


Scheduled jobs

Our number 1 most requested feature is now available – regularly scheduled duplicate detection jobs, all managed natively within CRM. This is especially valuable if you have a process importing data automatically that may create duplicates outside of your control that you then need to fix on a regular basis.

Set up the details of the job you want to run, including:

  • The duplicate detection rules to use, with any of our advanced fuzzy matching options
  • Any system- or user-view to limit the records that will be processed
  • Whether any duplicates found should be automatically merged using the configured merge rules, or left to be manually reviewed
  • When to run the job. Choose the time of day and whether it should run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly

Now sit back and watch the duplicate detection jobs get started automatically!

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Remember non-matches

With any duplicate detection rules, you may occasionally be shown records that match your rules but shouldn’t be merged. If you’re doing regular duplicate detection jobs you don’t want to keep seeing these non-matches each time, so we’ve added a duplicate exclusion system that allows you to train data8 duplicare™ on a per-record basis so it doesn’t find the same match again in the future.

mergin 3 contacts


Get the latest version direct from Microsoft AppSource at https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/data8.duplicare or contact your Data8 account manager.


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