PredictiveAddress Updates November 2017

We’ve been working hard to keep improving our PredictiveAddress service, with several updates in the last few weeks we’d like to update you with. 


Improved Performance

Although PredictiveAddress was already recognised as one of the fastest address autocomplete solutions in the market we don’t like to rest on our laurels, and earlier this month we released a significant performance improvement when you search for addresses which means we can normally return a result in as little as 1 millisecond!

This upgrade has been applied to UK searches for now but you should start seeing it appear for other countries shortly.

Improved US Experience

While most users are happy to enter their address “naturally”, i.e. starting at the first line of their address and typing until they can see their address in the results, some prefer to use PredictiveAddress as a lookup tool, entering their postcode or zip code and “drilling down” to find their address.

While this works well in the UK and a few other countries where a postcode covers a small area, users in the US would have a harder job trying to find their address when starting from only a 5 digit zip code.

We’ve improved this experience recently in a number of ways:

  1. You can now search for a street within a zip code, e.g. if you type “90210 m” you’ll see a suggestion of Mulholland Drive
  2. Once you’ve clicked on a street you’ll see a much more friendly list of building number ranges that you can click into to get to the address you’re looking for
  3. More speed improvements to make the whole drill-down experience more user friendly

PA Mullholland drive

Improved International Data

We keep improving the reach and depth of our address data. We’ve recently enhanced our coverage of Belgium and Spain and added county/state data to complement our existing town level coverage of many other countries.

Closer to home we’ve also implemented a Welsh-language option, so you can choose to receive addresses in Wales in either Welsh or English. Just include the preferredLanguage: ‘cy’ option in your code and you’re all done.

Enhanced Dashboard

The dashboard you use to review your usage of the service and purchase additional credits has been enhanced with a map showing how many addresses you’re getting in each country, making it easy to visualise the worldwide reach of your website.

Improved Dynamics 365 Integration

PredictiveAddress is deployed in many different systems, from e-commerce to lead generation to various line-of-business applications. We are particularly involved with the Dynamics CRM/365 community and have released an updated version of our PredictiveAddress solution on AppSource for Dynamics 365 users to download and get started on in minutes.


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