What’s haunting marketers?

Let me ask you, what is more terrifying than ghouls and vampires? What keeps more people awake at night in a cold sweat than the fear of the monster under the bed? What drains money secretly and spreads bad feelings about you to others quicker than a flesh-eating virus?

Reckless data-driven marketing.
And it’s time to stop it.

The Tactless Outlaw Marketer

Ignorance might be bliss in some areas of life but please don’t apply it to abiding the law when it comes to your data. You will have heard of GDPR and the subsequent need to clean up your data, gain consent and understand and record how you have gained the ability legally to contact individuals.

outlaw marketer

Why is it haunting marketers? It is no small task to re-gain consent in your database and adhere to the rules set by GDPR and no wonder many marketers are pulling their hair out trying to prepare. Not to mention that the guidance on legitimate interest is yet to be published and so people are wary to start changing and updating all their processes until they have the correct information.

What can marketers do? Cleanse your database. Remove all the inaccuracies, the missing data, the duplicates. Update the individuals and the businesses who have moved address or changed numbers or emails. Update their preferences about being contacted – are they on the MPS or the TPS? Then re-gain consent – make sure it’s easily understandable, include your terms and conditions, don’t have a pre-checked opt-in box. Follow the guidance step-by-step and you’ll be ready as there are still a far few months left. Have a read at the GDPR overview here and some webinars you might find useful!

The Purge

Do you know how dirty your database is? Quickly do a data quality report. The results will probably be worse than you think – but fear not, it is easily fixed. Cleaning your database isn’t the mammoth task it used to be and it brings many benefits too which every business would be happy to have.

The purge

Why is a dirty database haunting marketers? As a marketer, I’ love showing off the ROI of different campaigns or seeing click through rates on my emails increasing and I know this feeling is nothing new to marketers. So the disappointment when you see bounce rates increasing instead must be awful. Couple that with complaints from individuals about receiving the same email multiple times and you’ve basically jumped into the witch’s cauldron and lit the fire beneath it yourself if you haven’t cleaned your database. Databases decay at an average rate of 22% per year, so leaving it as it is only eats away at your marketing budget, gives you a bad reputation and actually de-motivates staff to send out communications.

What can marketers do? For time’s sake and for the ease of doing so – consult a data quality management company. They will have cleansed hundreds and thousands of databases and for a small cost, you know it will have been done correctly. Your data quality report will highlight areas which need work and so you can base the services you want around that and around your business needs. There are many types of data cleansing and you can select the ones which work for you.

28 Dupes Later

28 DUPES.jpg
Credit: Original Image by 28 Days Later

The title may be a take on a film but it’s not uncommon to see as many as 28 duplicate records in a database. Before you scoff and hail insanity at this ridiculous notion, please believe us when we say that we have seen the horrors. Duplicates can be caused by anything from human input to systems faults which do not detect them.

Why are they haunting marketers? They cause so many problems. They impact on communications by causing multiple emails to go to just one person – not only is this incredibly annoying for the recipient, it also significant bumps up costs for you. Imagine if it was direct mail? The ROI would be minimal. Also, in line with our GDPR part – you’d be breaking the law by spamming individuals, even if it’s by accident and the GDPR is not one to be messed with!

What can marketers do? Implement a technology to run a de-duplication job on your current database. This kind of technology can merge any number of duplicates together unlike other varieties, which makes for a much more pleasant and bespoke service – check out one here. It will also notify you if a record you are manually inputting is a duplicate so you can merge it with the original record and keep your database clean. Very useful and very handy for avoiding a jolly good haunting this year.

So this Halloween, make sure that your marketing is all treats and no tricks. Avoid the nightmare on email sends and partake in the mail fix project and once your data is in a totally ghoul, sorry – cool shape, we’d like to welcome you to The A-datum family!

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