Research[1] by Marketing Sherpa shows that a B2B database naturally degrades at a rate of 2.1% per month: that’s 22.5%, almost a quarter of the database, over the course of a year. The same research shows that large B2C databases degrade by 3.2% or 32.3% per year!Similar results[2] were obtained by Sirius Decisions who found that between 10 and 25% of B2B databases contain critical errors.

Whilst some of these may be due to errors, or businesses relocating or closing, it is widely felt that much of this decay is down to the presence of duplicate records.

If a mailing costs £0.45 ($0.61) and is sent to 100,000 contacts. Assuming that 20% of the records are duplicates, you will have just wasted £9,000 ($12,000)! And that isn’t the only cost. The reputational cost can be much greater when customers become annoyed when they receive 5 copies of the same mailpiece, and sales people get de-motivated by a CRM full of duplicates, so user engagement drops.

Manual de-duplicating can be a long and tedious affair. Whilst Microsoft Dynamics 365 does have some de-duplication functionality, it is basic and not particularly easy to use. Functionality for finding duplicate names is rudimentary and could not identify as potential duplicates, names such as Robert Smith and Bob Smith. When duplicates are been found it is only possible to combine 2 entities at a time. Given that there can, in many cases, be several versions of the same record, this process is very time consuming.

data8 duplicare is a new product that works within Microsoft Dynamic 365. It can automatically de-duplicate entire databases with a single click, and also highlight, in real-time, a potential new duplicate at the point of data entry.

Matt Vid 1.PNG

See a video of developer Matt demonstrating data8 duplicare™ here 

Duplicare screenshots

The screenshot above shows the merging of 5 contacts which data8 duplicare™ has identified as potential duplicates. The look and feel will be familiar to users of Dynamic 365 which it has been deliberately designed to emulate. Unlike the native de-duplicating tools which only allow two records to be merged, there is no limit to the number of duplicates that can be merged; the size and resolution of the screen used being the only limitation.

Proprietary strong fuzzy-logic matching technology is used to extend the ability to match records so, for example, R. Smith, Robert, Rob, Bobby and Bob would all be highlighted as potential duplicates. All fields can be manually dragged to the master record or included in the custom rules for batch processing, so that information like additional telephone numbers are not lost.

Custom rule Build

The ability to customise the merge rules to suit your business is crucial to success. With an almost unlimited combination of [AND] and [OR] functions and multiple nesting data8 duplicare™ allows for precise control of matching and combining.

Rob Bob Robert

Once the database has been cleaned, the on-going problem of keeping it that way remains, and data8 duplicare™ helps here too. When a new record is entered, it is checked for duplicates in real-time, giving the user the opportunity to merge them, even before the record is stored.

Features of data8 duplicare™

Standardise All of your data is standardised to ensure data is formatted correctly
De-duplication & Merge Any number of records can be identified and merged at once, storing information into one master record and create custom de-duplication and merge rules specific to your CRM
Custom rules Create custom rules specific to your business and implement them in the ‘Quick-Merge’ feature
Retain all information Data is merged into one master record without losing any previous information
Quick Merge Merge multiple records with just one click
Full Integration data8 duplicare™ is downloadable from Microsoft Appsource and easily integrates into CRM

If you would like to hear more about data8 duplicare™, or any of our  other data management products and services, please contact us

By email at info@data-8.co.uk

By phone on +44 (0) 151 355 4555

Or click here for a callback by one of our specialists

[1] http://content.marketingsherpa.com/heap/tele/EMBG-IN-121906.pdf

[2] http://www.siriusdecisions.com/Research-Articles/T/TheImpactofBadDataonDemandCreation

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