25 vital CRM facts & Stats

In a world where technology is becoming the preferred way of communication, whether it be via email, text, social media interaction or – for many of us – CRM systems, it helps to know how this platform helps engage clients and business alike. 


I mean, the clue is in the name ‘Customer Relationship Manager’ (CRM). It helps businesses not only build but maintain a good working relationship between their accounts and their clients, all with the ease of it being in one place. There are no files in drawers, tabs on spreadsheets for different customers, thousands of documents on your desktop for each individual client. CRM keeps everything simple and tidy and most of all, it’s effective.

Here are 25 vital facts & stats for your CRM.

  1. CRM improves customer retention, by as much as 27% -A CRM assists you in the building of the relationships with your customers to keep them coming back (Trackvia.Com)
  2. Using a CRM can lead to sales conversation rate improvements of over 300%! (Source: Cloudswave)
  3. 30% of marketers say that having contrasting data sources was one of the main reason they could not extract useful insights from customers. (Cyber Sphere Security)
  4. 55% of top-performing companies are investing in CRM to drive sales productivity.(Source: Brainshark’s Anne Lambert and Forbes Insights)
  5. When a company pursues a customer using a CRM system, that customer is likely to make purchases of 20% to 40% more with the same company. (Source: Cloudswave)
  6. The average ROI for a CRM system is $5.60 for every dollar spent (Baseline)
  7. VentureBeat, a leading source for technology news, revealed that 80% of business that adopted CRM solutions were able to increase their leads. While 77% of the firms saw an increase in the conversion rates. (Apptivo)
  8. 74% of polled respondents to a CRM user survey indicated that their CRM software allowed them to have greater access to customer data. (Source: BuyerZone)
  9. Sales reps saw productivity increase by 26.4% upon adding social networking and mobile access to CRM application. (Nucleus Research)
  10. 65% of businesses adopt a CRM within their first 5 years. (Algoworks)
  11. Around 45% of companies use CRM software to store lead data. (Method:CRM)
  12. Only 50% of companies with fewer that 10 employees use a CRM system, compared to 91% of companies with more than 11 employees. (SuperOffice)
  13. 73% of companies have no process for re-engaging and nurturing leads after sales. (FosterWebWorks)
  14. 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. (Help Scout)
  15. 80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase. (VB Insight)
  16. CRM system adoption increases sales by up to 29%. (Salesforce)
  17. Marketing costs have been slashed by 23% using CRM. (HubSpot)
  18. America and Europe represent 78.6% of CRM spending. (Connecting Software)
  19. CRM’s have increased revenue by 41% per each individual sales representative. (HubSpot)
  20. The CRM market is predicted to be a $36 billion market by 2017. (Algoworks)
  21. 33% of CRM users use Salesforce according to a data survey from 2015. (Algoworks)
  22. 43% of companies are more likely to hit sales targets with a mobile friendly CRM. (Method:CRM)
  23. As of 2012, companies are missing out on 80% of CRM features, including integration and collaboration. (StratusHub)
  24. Up to 60% of all CRM projects fail to meet expectations. (Ving)
  25. 15% of organisations have replaced all their on-premise customer service applications with SaaS. (PR Artistry)

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