Power to the Sales team – Credit Checking in CRM

A common hurdle to customer onboarding is the credit check process. Your sales team have been talking to the prospect, qualified them, got them ready to purchase, but then there’s a delay because the credit control team need to do their credit check process before anything can be invoiced. 


Bad enough that this gives a poor impression to the client right out of the gate, but even worse if the credit application is rejected and the sales person has wasted a lot of time in meetings, proposals etc.

Our solution to this problem at Data8 is to put all credit checking power in the hands of the sales team in a simple tool within the system they already use day-to-day: CRM.

Credit check.png

By getting an immediate, visual indication of the credit worthiness of their prospects even before they pick up the phone or write an email they can know whether there’s going to be any problem assigning them a credit limit further down the line.

Once the customer’s ready to purchase, the sales person can even assign a modest credit limit within the range allowed for that company themselves. If they need a higher credit limit they can escalate it to a manager with rights to assign up to the maximum allowed limit for the company.

With the actual and recommended credit limits all being held in CRM, we can also utilise automated workflows to trigger notifications to the account manager when events happen such as significant changes in the recommended limit so they can proactively check whether further action is required.

In addition to the quick view of credit worthiness for the sales team, managers can also make use of the in-depth view of detailed financial and company ownership records, while the marketing team can make use of SIC codes and other fields to better target campaigns.

Our Company Information service is available for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce – get in touch for a demo (and find out your company’s credit worthiness at the same time!)

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