Magento One-Step Checkout

If you have an eCommerce website with Magento then you need to seriously think about the Magento one-step checkout, OneStepCheckout is a Magento extension that will reduce your customer abandonment rates, increase conversion and ultimately online revenue as a result. 


When customers purchase online, it is usually because they haven’t got the time to go into the traditional brick and mortar store (if you have one) and they want to place their order quickly. It creates friction in the checkout process if there are a number of pages for them to go through when filling out information such as their card details, delivery address and email / telephone number which could lead to your customer abandoning the shopping cart altogether, creating a lost order or even a lost customer.

Customers are now looking for convenience where they can process their online orders quickly and easily, having a website with an improved UX (user experience) is vital for this. Putting it simply, the easier your checkout process is to navigate through the easier it will be for the customer to enter their details and confirm their order.

You can find out more about the Magento OneStep extension on their website.

There are also other ways of speeding up your checkout process too such as using Data8’s Predictive Address validation service which reduces the number of fields on your checkout, improves UX and ensures correct delivery details captured at the point of entry.


We are now offering this service across the globe with address data for every single country, we have a Magento extension too which makes it simple to integrate into your current checkout page. Why not check out the Data8 Magento extension?

Read how Ellis Brigham improved their customer’s journey leading to better conversions by introducing Data8’s Address Validation.

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