PredictiveAddress Goes Global

Our technology wizards have been extremely busy formulating software to enhance the already awesome PredictiveAddress!


So in a huge 253 countries and territories worldwide, our address validation software can now be used and the quality is unrivalled. Also, new accessibility features have been added including screen reader compatibility to read out selected addresses for visually impaired users and a new keyboard access to a drop-down list of addresses.

“The expansion of PredictiveAddress to cover global addresses means we are providing our suite of services internationally and our multi-faceted solutions are available across the world.” Jeremy Walker, Head of Data Validation Data8.

How did we manage this?

Well. Using data from credible data sources and postal services such as Royal Mail in the UK and USPS for the US we were able expand PredictiveAddress, so that it swept across the world providing anyone who needs real-time address validation exactly that.

So what does it look like?

As you can see from the below image, you can select a country from a drop down list and then once you start typing an address, PredictiveAddress will autocomplete what you are typing (please see the image 2!). The result is a lovely, well formatted address that is understood by local post services and is also accurate.



So, the software uses fuzzy matching to predict and autocomplete full addresses after the user just types a few characters. The auto completion is supported by ‘type-ahead’ technology and all of this contributes to more efficient user experience.

What is it useful for?

PredictiveAddress is a cloud based data validation API that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of address capture in website lead forms, ecommerce checkouts and internal software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and shopping cart systems.

It integrates super quickly (sheer minutes) into a business’ system, providing a comprehensive validation of all contact details.

So it’s great for eCommerce and online shopping – valid addresses mean less failed deliveries and happier customers. Also, if email addresses are correct, companies can send a little nudge reminding people of their half full shopping cart if they seemed to have abandoned it.

The benefits of using an address verification API:

  • Reduced cart abandonment
  • Reduced failed deliveries
  • Reduced queue time
  • Professional service at admission kiosks and EPOS tills
  • Reduced data entry for internal systems such as CRM and ERP
  • Integrates with shopping cart solutions

And this is only just the beginning!

“We are excited to expand our international coverage and introduce new features with much more still to come” said Mark Carrington, Chief Technologist at Data8.

PredictiveAddress is not the only validation services that is now available around the world; it’s just one part of Data8’s international data validation suite which includes telephone, email and address validation.


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