How do you solve a problem like Maria, Maria and Maria?

Picture the situation: You get an email from a user of one of your customers with a simple enough request – a change of email address and you are required to update your records. You look through your list of customers for that specific person only to find more than 1 exact match. This presents you with a dilemma – what do you do?


  • Enter the new email on all the matching records
  • Enter the new email on the record you think is the “best” record
  • Ignore it and don’t update any data.

This presents a problem. All of these outcomes are essentially doing the same thing – making your contact data quality that little bit worse. Increase the scale and the amount of occurrences of this situation and before you know it, you are in a mess.

Now, there is another option that is so rarely used, it’s almost a secret but I’m going to share that option with you.

Take accountability of ALL the records and manage them into a single record.

I know, it’s not really a secret but this situation arises a lot and is one of the biggest problems within any business – getting people to take accountability for their own data and actively try to improve on data quality because keeping the quality high should be a priority within any businesses, large or small.

More and more we have been contacted by customers who have simply lost control of their data and have called upon Data8 to use our services in the hugely daunting task of de-duplicating their entire customer base and we have succeeded in restoring that data quality that had been lost over a sustained period of neglect.

If you have lost that quality within your data then here at Data8 we have the experience, the knowledge and the technology to help with a de-duplication project no matter how complex and bespoke so all is not lost. If you are in that more enviable position where you feel you have a good level of data quality then I’m imploring you that if you ever see duplicates and have the ability to fix them, it’s worth those extra 5 minutes it takes to do so before it’s too late.

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