Part 1: Selecting B2B Data is like Pick ‘n’ Mix

Most of us can remember the days when we went into the local store or supermarket to find those colourful ranges of Pick ‘n’ Mix. There were so many options that most of us also ended up with a bag that was way too full and cost way too much! The sensible thing to do was to then get the scoop back out and put some back (these were usually the ones we weren’t too sure about)… Then we’d buy our favourites and get stuck in!


It all looks good – but what’s it made of?

How is this like buying B2B data you might ask? Well – it’s actually very similar. There are so many choices and methods of choosing data that if you don’t know all the details of the ingredients, you could end up making the wrong choices or choosing too much! Either way, that could leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Do you play it safe or try new flavours?

Many of us kept going back and making the same selections of sweets because although the others might taste good – we weren’t sure about them. The same applies to B2B data. Many Companies select the same criteria time and time again and never learn about other possible options that could work well or perhaps even better for them. To make matters worse, the situation becomes self-perpetuating i.e. if you keep selecting the same types of prospects, your bag of sweets – or customers will of-course continue to look very much like that selection you made: The few exceptions will be the small amount of new flavours that were offered to you by a Friend or the smaller proportion of organic, incoming business that has naturally occurred.

New choices with the least amount of bad taste?

If you really want to explore all the richness and colour of your B2B World, you firstly need to think about why someone would want a) your services or solutions and b) which companies could benefit from your very unique qualities. Not only that – you need to know ALL the options open to you in finding these gems amongst the millions of pick ‘n’ mix.


The next blog will look into all the different types of data available and all the categories within the choices. It really is a data pick ‘n’ mix!


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