Perfecting The Checkout Process

People shop online for a number of reasons such as convenience, better prices, better comparison capabilities, avoiding the crowds or even just compulsive shopping. Customers expect the process to be quick, simple and over in a few minutes. That’s why it’s so important to have a quick checkout process but provide a great customer experience at the same time.


However, there are still things that put potential customers off and cause them to abandon checkouts. This could be something as simple as having too many fields on your page to fill in; people are ‘too busy’ and will quickly move on to doing something else.

Some however, may continue to fill in their details and could make mistakes in their address or contact details. Although it’s not the retailer’s fault, this could have an adverse effect on their customer experience because they may not receive their goods and there would be no way for the retailer to contact the customer.

You can ensure you capture correct delivery address and contact details by adding data validation services to your checkout. This ensure contact details are valid at the point of entry. As well as securing delivery and delivery customer service, validating data ensure data quality in your system, which saves costs in the long run.

Read how the outdoor retailer Ellis Brigham improves customer’s journey and increases check-out conversions with Address Validation.



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