Smart Tools For Managing Data Quality At Point Of Capture

Many people think that maintaining data quality is easy; in reality it’s very easy to get wrong. In fast moving businesses where data is constantly being added externally, created internally and imported, it’s important to remember that quality data is a significant asset, and it needs protecting. Maintaining clean data is crucial for reducing duplication within CRM to safeguard your marketing and sales communications from inefficiency and mistakes and missed opportunities

Analyzing data on computer.

Ensuring that you’ve collected accurate data since your last campaign is equally as important. A plan to actively validate data at the point of entry allows you to maintain data quality at all touch points including your website, EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Normalising this data with the same rules as your data cleansing is key to helping to prevent data degradation over time.

Often postcode lookup is only used at customer registration. But using validation on all forms, internally and externally ensures that data is valid at point of entry. To enhance data capture, you should ensure that you use the same address lookup provider for postcode lookup in EPOS, on the website and CRM. You can then have the same address standardisation on all forms and processes; reducing duplication. Click here for more information on address formatting.

Standardising data capture and data cleansing processes enhances and normalises customer data at all touch points, enabling consolidation of data from multiple disparate sources. An approach that includes data capture and regular data cleansing provides the framework for a unified view of customers.

Achieving and maintaining data quality allows your marketing and sales teams to send communication to the right people at the right place, and only once. Not sending out duplicate communications saves money, and is good for your brand. You don’t want to be perceived as wasteful or incompetent. Mistakes will undermine your message, but being accurate and in control of your data will translate to being in tune with your customers.

You can receive a free audit of your data quality, with our Data Quality Report

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