The DMA’s Marketer Email Tracker 2016 Survey

The DMA have launched their ‘Marketer email tracker 2016’ survey, it makes a lot of sense and is well worth a read.Depositphotos_87649692_m-2015

With every £1 invested, marketers are seeing, a return of £29.64 on average. But this doesn’t paint the whole picture. Only half B2C companies can calculate the ROI for their email marketing with the figure being worse for B2B companies.

One of the findings is that people want to be addressed personally. Many emails tend to focus more on the company than the customer. This is possibly a result of ‘British reserve’ not wanting to talk directly to people, or lack of information about an individual coupled with strategic oversight.

If it’s not ‘British reserve’ then it pays to have the most up to date and comprehensive information on customers. Marketers and copywriters can then write for their audiences effectively, addressing relevant concerns and offering relevant solutions. Personalised communications drastically increase email conversions.

For further evidence of the power of personalisation read our Whitepaper.

But how do you get to ‘know’ about the customer? So you can connect in a personal manner that elicits engagement? It all has to do with the data you have (or don’t have). This is your informant, helping you ‘know’ and ‘understand’ your customers. This is why ensuring you have the right data, and enhancing it is critical for email marketing.

Consider this, where can you gain data on customers without disrupting their experiences? Data enhancement tools at point of capture, such as Data8’s B2B Data Capture, are a great tool for doing just this. The tool captures relevant information about the customer and the company, and adds it directly into CRM. All that’s needed is a business email or company name in a lead form.

Another consideration is regularly cleaning and enhancing your existing data, and that starts with carrying out an audit of your current data. We have a simple way to get a detailed audit of your data. Yes Please!

You can also Demo our data enhancement tool Demo Now!  


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