Data Quality Makes Multi-Channel Magic Happen have an interesting article about ‘Rethinking Data Quality’. It explains why companies should closely examine their approach to collecting, cleaning and maintaining their data. This avoids issues such as wrong delivery of items and wasting marketing spend. “Reissuing an invoice, redoing a delivery—all of these steps have costs,” Hayler says. cropped-header-service-address-validation.jpg

However the idea of ‘data quality’ these days is not just about having correct information and conserving budgets, it’s about the ability to reach customers across a variety of media, exe


cuting multi-channel strategies, makes for excellent customer experiences.

An example of using multi-channel communication to ensure excellent customer service is when a package is sent off for delivery. The address needs to be correct, the driver then needs a landline or mobile number to confirm a delivery time and finally an email needs sending as part of the customer care package.

In order to deliver seamless communication like this, you need accurate contact details. It’s possible to analyse your data to identify where data is missing and then add any missing information or correct any incorrect data. Upload your data to see how well your database scores. The Data Quality Report score looks at how many channels you have to communicate with and scores your database out of 100. Enriching the data you hold will improve the chances of being able to deliver multi channel strategies, the caveat being that the data is correct.

As well as the immediate results, there are long term benefits of using the report. Using the Data Quality Report on a regular basis, identifies areas where new data is not being captured so you can improve your multi-channel marketing efforts. The result of better data, is better customer engagement, and ultimately better ROI.

Get your own Data Quality report and score


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