Three Data And Business Process Outsourcing Benefits For Business Success

When speaking with organisations that work in a B2B environment, they report the same data challenges, regardless of the target audience. Poor data quality, inaccurate or limited contact information and duplicate data are all recurring issues. Call-Centre-img-royalty-free

The right contact details are crucial for effective communication strategies. Without a valid email address, a multi-channel communication strategy cannot be implemented. Although many sales teams are tasked with this as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the reality is that bigger opportunities are focused upon, while lapsed or small accounts are given limited focus. Here lies a problem for organisations of varying sizes and complexities, and it’s where outsourcing marketing processes makes sense.

Business Process Outsourcing is an effective way to deal with outdated and incomplete data, and to ensure complete coverage of all accounts. Outsourcing deals with these issues by providing:

  • Coverage


One of our most successful campaigns generated £500m worth of qualified opportunities in a 7 month period, for accounts deemed as “low priority”. We did this by identifying where organisations were placing work with the client’s competition. The reason was very clear, customer information was out of date, key contacts were inaccurate, and marketing campaigns were not being received, so the company had no brand presence. Through our telemarketing services, data was validated, duplicates were removed and key contacts were established.

  • Cross Selling


Many organisations provide a diversity of products and services, with cross-selling the whole portfolio to their existing customer base, proving a challenge. The key decision makers may be different for each product they sell. If they don’t hold the relevant contacts, how do they sell to them?

We have the technology and the capabilities to reach the right contacts and enhance cross-selling initiatives.

  • Data Analysis


It takes sales teams a huge amount of time, particularly in large organisations, to establish who they should be speaking to. By using data analysis and our telemarketing services, we can add further value to your data by filling in the gaps to mirror your potential audience. We establish key contacts, which shortens the sales process for the sales team.

As a leading data quality and data management solutions provider, with a Business Process Outsourcing division, we ensure your most valuable asset, your customer data, is up to date and accurate.  We add far more value than a telemarketing call. We help you really understand your customer base and provide you with an accurate foundation to aid successful marketing campaigns.

To discuss how Business Process Outsourcing can work for you, register for a call back here.

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