Optimising UX Strategies With Data Solutions

Our newly released ebook outlines two key strategies which enable companies to stay ahead in eCommerce. Usability and personalisation are key to delivering excellent user experiences. The strategies increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and ultimately increase sales. They are worth investing in.

Businesswoman using a credit card for online internet banking
Successful businesswoman sitting at desk in casual clothes and inputting her password and login to carry out online banking operation on digital tablet in the office

Smartphone shopping

The increase in shopping on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has brought a new challenge to ecommerce. Online shopping using a mobile device can be trickier, but shoppers are looking for slick experiences, no matter which device they’re using.


Enabling excellent usability is fundamental to providing a slick and seamless user experience, and to avoiding the costly issue of cart abandonment. 75% of shopping cart purchases are abandoned, which means a big loss of sales. Poor navigation, long registration forms or a slow checkout process, are among the top things influencing the customer’s decision to abandon the cart. The challenge is to make these processes as quick and intuitive as possible. Our ebook outlines which data solutions will reduce your cart abandonment.


Personalising the shopping experiences according to customer’s preferences is key in today’s ecommerce landscape. Tailored offers and recommendations enhance the shopping experience and cause the customer to feel known and valued. This is a highly profitable strategy, increasing customer satisfaction and sales outcomes, as ‘45% of online shoppers are more likely to shop on websites offering personalised recommendations.’

But how do you gain the insight needed? And how can it be organised to deliver personalised communications?

Delivering profitable usability and personalisation strategies relies on the right data solutions, which are outlined in our ebook. We hope you enjoy the ebook, and use the suggested solutions to advance your ecommerce success.

Delivering profitable usability and personalisation strategies relies on data solutions which provide accurate and reliable intelligence. To gain and maintain the intelligence for fuelling these strategies, browse our ebook which contains easy to implement solutions. We hope you enjoy the ebook, and use the suggested solutions to advance your ecommerce success.

Get my free Ebook: UX and Ecommerce: Using Data Solutions to Enhance Usability and Personalisation

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