Enriching CRM With Predictive Address™

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM plug-in now includes the option to add PredictiveAddress™. The technology predicts and auto completes full addresses using just a few characters. This is good news for customers; it makes forms quicker and easier to fill in, and good news for you, it ensures data quality. Depositphotos_31600637_l-2015.1

How does it work?

Upon starting to type, the software verifies the address against multiple sources to ensure accuracy. It uses ‘type ahead’ technology to autocomplete the address which saves time for anyone filling in forms. This makes the process intuitive. See PredictiveAddress™ in action!

Enriching CRM

The plug-in can be configured to add the functionality to the Company Name field and Address Line 1, meaning the user can input a full company name and address from a single field. This reduces keystrokes and saves time. It also improves data quality within CRM and standardises the format so it’s consistent.

Address validation

The plug-in supports both on premise and online versions, up to the latest 2015 release and is just one of a suite of plug-ins available for Dynamics CRM that includes Business profiling, email and telephone validation TPS/CTPS screening.

These plug ins will enrich your CRM, giving you a strong foundation for sales and marketing initiatives.

Test the speed of PredictiveAddress™ by clicking on to our Address validation page.


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