5 Ways To Improve Charity Marketing Campaigns

Charities are under increasing pressure to maintain a strong brand and a sustainable support base; and above all, to keep the flow of funding coming in. Securing,funding and nurturing the support base is a constant initiative and the demands upon charities are only increasing. Maximising the efficiency and impact of campaigns is crucial for charities. Time and resource are of the essence, and this is where data solutions make a real difference.charity coloured paper

Data solutions enable charities to:

  1. Re engage movers

Sometimes contacts move away, and their address changes. This can sever a relationship with a supporter and it’s up to the charity to be proactive in reconnecting with the supporter. Movers can be valuable contacts which you can’t afford to lose. No supporter need be lost as our cleanse technology can Identify movers so you can re-engage them.

  1. Prevent failed mail deliveries

There’s no need to put up with failed deliveries. Addresses used for direct mail campaigns can be matched to the Royal Mail PAF file and flagged as deliverable or undeliverable. This prevents wasting money on mailings which never reach the intended contact.

  1. Identify inactive phone numbers

Inactive and invalid phone numbers waste time. Telephone numbers can be flagged as active /inactive, saving you time in calling campaigns.

  1. Comply with legislation

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a list of people who wish not be contacted via phone for sales and marketing purposes. TPS Screening flags up who’s signed up, ensuring that you don’t call anyone against their wishes. This safeguards your repua

  1. Avoid contacting the deceased

With Data8’s Deceased Suppression services you can identify and remove deceased individuals. This is important for appearing professional and avoiding causing distress to relatives of the deceased. Removing deceased records of course reduces wasted mailing costs.

As well as protecting the investment in campaigns, charities protect their brand when they keep their data accurate. Regular data cleansing ensures you’re compliant with legislation and can deliver communications which are timely and appropriate.

Read how to improve contact rates and re engage donors in our: Charity Case Study

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