Predictive Address™ – The Newest Addition To Data Validation Services

Having spent a good percentage of your budget getting people onto your ecommerce site or into your shop there is nothing more annoying than obtaining incorrect delivery details. Getting correct address information in real-time at point of capture means you’ll get deliveries right first time.

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I’m excited to announce the latest release in our suite of Address Validation tools: PredictiveAddress™. We also include Postcode Lookup within these solutions.

Data8s new PredictiveAddress™ tool allows the end user to start typing a partial address or business name, auto completing the remainder of the address. This saves time, reduces keystrokes and gives a professional look and feel to data capture. The software verifies the address against multiple sources to ensure the accuracy of the results returned.

By using PredictiveAddress™ you can ensure data quality at all points of contact including registration forms, online checkout, database or CRM system and EPOS systems. The PredictiveAddress™ tool is quick and simple to install and is compatible with Data8’s other real-time validation solutions such as advanced email, mobile and landline validation. It is possible to choose any combination of the products offered within Data Validation in order to tailor a solution to your individual business requirements.

Benefits of PredictiveAddress™:

  • Reduced cart abandonment
  • Reduced queue time
  • Professional service at admission kiosks and EPOS tills
  • Reduced data entry for internal systems such as CRM and ERP
  • Integrates with shopping cart solutions

Getting the correct details at point of capture also reduces the need to cleanse your data once added to your database. This increases the match rate for appending further information such as telephone number and demographic profiles.

Check out our other Data Validation solutions here.


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