How To Optimise Your Customer Journey

The recent economic downturn has led to online shoppers becoming much savvier and more demanding. They have greater expectations for their customer experience. Every interaction with the business shapes the customer’s relationship with the brand, and so every detail of the customer journey must be as positive as possible. The entire buying process, from browsing to registration to checkout, to delivery must be user-friendly.

One way of making the buying process user friendly is to use address auto-fill technology. Postcode Lookup software retrieves a full address using just the postcode. The software not only ensures a valid postal address is captured, but it reduces the time spent entering data, making the customer journey nice and slick.

Data validation software such as Postcode Lookup directly enhances the customer journey, making it quick and easy for the customer. It also expedites the buying process, and reduces the risk of customer’s abandoning their cart.

See our Address Validation in action.

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