Mobile Shopping Pushes Down Average Spend Online

A very well written article by Jonathan Bacon for Marketing Week highlights the global trends within online shopping. We are shown that global conversion rate has decreased from 2.54% in Q1 2014 to 2.32% in Q1 2015. We can see from this article that conversion rates are falling across all referral methods except Social Media which enjoyed a small increase from 0.99% to 1.17%. The most dramatic decrease seen across the referral methods is when a website is visited directly by people.

The study also shows that the Average Order Value is decreasing. It has gone from £80.13 in Q1 2014 to £78.54 a year later. This was split out to device used and it shows that the Average Order Value on Smartphones has fallen immensely from £71.29 to £60.53. This figure is most startling as website visits from smartphones accounts for 19.9% of all website visits, an increase from Q1 2014 where it was only 13%.

So why are these figures important? Well they are suggestive of a problem with online shopping as a whole: that it isn’t being optimised with the consumer in mind. It is widely assumed that consumers use multiple devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet) when making a purchasing decision. If this is the case, why are so many people choosing to use their desktop for the final stage of buying? In my experience it is because using a mobile or tablet is made more difficult than it needs to be at the checkout stage. If sites made use of real-time validation solutions in their checkouts it could reverse this downward trend. Solutions such as postcode lookup would ensure that the correct address is input and would vastly improve the buying process for consumers.

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