Celebrating 10 Years Of Data8!

10 years ago in a beautiful land far far away (Wales) a handful of employees and an idea to revolutionise the data cleansing industry came together. The result – Data8 was born!

Kicking it off with a toast and talk

At the end of July 2015 employees from all departments travelled to the Peak District for an evening of fun to celebrate this momentous occasion! We started by toasting the success of Data8 over the first 10 years of putting data at the heart of business followed by a short presentation of the company’s history as told by Antony Allen.

To show our appreciation to the three people who started and have shaped Data8’s journey to success, we presented Antony Allen, Richard Hartland and Bernie Sherlock with gifts.

Evening Entertainment

By this point I think we had all realised how hungry we were. Thankfully our head chef, Simon Wise, with assistance from sous chef John Turtle had already prepared the barbeque and food was mere minutes away. After we had eaten, the bar officially opened, with darts and foosball tournaments as well as a game of high stakes (pride) poker.

Day 2 – Team Building

The next day was all planned out and entailed a fun-filled search for a murder suspect. Everyone became members of CSI teams and were given a map, an evidence bag and a list of clues to find. Each team had about five minutes to decide on strategy, where they would go to first, which points they could afford to miss, how long the journey would take them. As the murderer needed to be caught, time was of the essence, we were given three hours to complete our task. As a group we ended up solving the murder, we had collected enough evidence to convict the perpetrator.

Thanks to Alan Little at Clear Sky Associates for organising such a fun day for us all!

Happy 10 years of Data8!

View our Press Release: Data8 Celebrates10th Anniversary



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