The Beauty Of The Humble Postcode

My colleague has just arrived back from a great holiday in Mallorca. The food, the beaches and the drinks were great, since you ask. However, he had a couple of issues while he was there.

beachThe cab driver he had chosen at the airport was a jovial cove, his English however was as good as his Spanish, far from brilliant. After showing him their address he nodded enthusiastically and they set off. Before long he could tell there was a problem. The number of calls he made indicated he hadn’t a clue where he was going.

The address he had given him was their apartment between two named streets; our apartment however didn’t have a street name. Oh the beauty of postcodes! Postcodes would have prevented all the phone calling and could pinpoint the exact address required. It made him realise how lucky we are to have the humble postcode. It makes life so much easier.

Luckily he had studied the instructions and the route, and was able to guide him to their destination, much to the relief of everyone.

Getting mail to the correct address by having complete and correct addresses is a business essential. If incorrect or incomplete, bad address data will be costing you time and money. There are tools available to help you avoid bad address data. There are two ways to avoid bad address data. The first is to use data validation tools at the moment of capture. Postcode Lookup is our advanced address capture tool which should be used wherever an address is required, maybe a website registration.

The second way of avoiding bad address data (and also its consequences!) is data cleansing. You can rid your database of outdated addresses by using our suppression and deduplication services. These essentially remove addresses which are no longer valid or useful to you, and highlights the most up to date information to be purchased. This is where you’re appending data to enrich your contact data.

To get all your addresses up to scratch, you can run your data through our Express Online Data Cleansing Service.

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