In Depth Business Profiles For Improving Lead Generation

Traditionally, building understanding of a prospect company can be a time-consuming task. Data8’s real time lead capture service allows you to access over 35 fields of information on a company. These include recommended credit limit, address, estimated number of employees, SIC code and description. All this can be captured from just an email address.

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With an email address or a company number you can append this additional data, giving you valuable insight for your lead generation process. The B2B lead capture service is integrated into internal software for rapid data capture. What’s more, the service regularly checks for changes to businesses within your existing CRM, saving huge amounts of time mining for gold within your data.

Using the B2B lead capture service to pre-fill up to 10 key fields in your form speeds up the registration process by reducing keystrokes by up to 85%. Deliberate or accidental errors are also reduced during data entry.

The four key outcomes for your marketing teams:

  1. Shorter forms for lead capture.
  2. Only requiring an email address from your prospect makes them more likely to fill in the form. David Kirkpatrick looked at the length of Marketo’s forms and the conversion rate for each. They found that the shorter the form the higher the conversation rate.
  3. The ability to segment data for targeted campaigns.
  4. These actions make use of key data within your database such as; industry, region, business size, titles, etc.
  5. Allows you to expand your database
  6. Important company information that may otherwise be time-consuming to acquire is obtained in an instant This means you can extend your marketing reach into certain sectors, regions and seniority.
  7. The final benefit to mention is reporting capabilities.
  8. Having more data means you can do more reporting. Not only that, having better quality data and more quantity means that you’ll have better analytics on performance for your campaigns.

The sales team can use the additional data fields such as recommended credit limit, estimated number of employees and SIC code and descriptions to form part of a lead score. This allows you to focus on targeting key prospects at point of capture and for future campaigns, prioritising leads with higher revenue or credit limits.

Automating this process at the point of capture reduces manual work, provides accurate and structured data to your CRM, and removes time wasted on poor quality leads. This substantially improves your return on investment.

See our B2B Lead Capture in action here!


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