Ready, Set… Go! Data8 Employees Take The Racing Line

“Work hard, play hard” is part of our culture at Data8 and some of our intrepid members decided to race like the pros in a fun karting race.

Divided into two groups, our fearless colleagues got to show their competitive spirits, while also using this opportunity for team-building. Prizes were won and all in all everyone left without major injuries.

Our IT support technician and trackside reporter, Glyn Davies reported: “The quality of the driving varied greatly; some members even managed to get their karts airborne, yes, you Matt and Becky! Apparently there was a little confusion between what the right and left pedal did.”

Oh dear, don’t they cover that in the orientation? It would require listening of course, but I guess some of our lovely colleagues were too eager to get started.

A big thank you from all the participants and to Glyn who arranged this fun outing. There is talk of a rematch. I think there may be some bruised egos or other parts of the anatomy that need some balm.

This is one of the regular social outings we’re used to at Data8 among others, such as visits to the pub, laser quest, and outdoor barbeques. These fun events help us build comradery and has had a positive impact on how well everyone works with each-other. Building strong relations with our customers and employees is one of the key values of Data8 and we think it has also contributed to our growth.

We will keep you posted of any further developments. In the meantime, here’s a short video recapping the day. It will put a smile on your face and who knows you may want to give it a try too.

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